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25 June 2006


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I am a Hispanic and honestly do not follow the happenings and news concerning the King Center. I should but sadly I don't, which means that I cannot comment on the management or mismanagement of the center or of the King family's management of their own financial affairs.

But you are correct, we should acknowledge the many sacrifices that the King family has endured so that we may live in a better American society. I for one do not begrude them for the sale of any King memorabilia if it is done with their interest and the interest of furthering the King's legacy and dream.

It has often bugged me that in our present media and social culture we more quickly acknowledge the sacrifices of the Kennedy's in the furtherance of a more just society, yet the King's receive less recognition. Apparently, MLK's dream is slowly being forgotten. And with the "shelving" of the "Eyes on the Prize", that history will not be able to be retold through that wonderful and powerful documentary.

I am reminded of a comment I made to my wife - that if Martin Luther King, Jr. had been a Catholic, he would likely had been canonized a saint by now. There would be a feast day celebrated in the Catholic liturgical calendar. The King Center would likely get financial support from all Catholics during a special offering collected during Holy Mass held on such a feast day. Alas, King was not Catholic, but maybe all Christian Churches across the nation may financially support the King Center through a special collection.

Let's be honest. King's dream of a just society is a just Christian society. Surely that is something that non-Catholic Christians and Catholics can support.


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