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02 April 2006


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Two great posts here on the immigrant issue.
I've rarely found anyone that I agreed with so entirely. Keep up the great blogs.
The only thing I'd like to add to what you've written here, on these two blogs, is the particularly repugnant aspect to this slave labor plan that is unfolding.

That is the simple fact that Mexicans are Native Americans.

When the reservation system was put into action, many of the indian tribes slipped across the border to territory where they couldnt be hounded. The Pima and Apaches joined the Mexica tribes in what we now call Mexico. The Government of Mexico invited tribes to come to come there also, and gave land to many N.A. Tribes. The Kickapoo and the Pottawatomies that lived in Illinois had many people who opted to move there, and still live right across the Mexican Border.
But all the Mexican natives are Native Americans. The Mexica tribes were the ones who came up the Mississippi River and brought the gift of corn, and inspired the Mississippian people to build temple mounds.
The Mexica people were an integral part of this country, before there was a country.

So my question is, how can Mexicans be called "Illegal Immigrants" when they were here to greet the first white settlers in the first place?
Isn't this just another example of the white man sticking it to the indian?


During the two World Wars the US established with the cooperation of the Mexican government two guest worker programs, whereby Mexicans were temporarily allowed to come to the US and work. They were then more easily able to be identified and be deported. Know your history! This is the same history being repeated.

The US corporations and businesses are seeking to create a three level labor pool. One class is the vital managerial employees that no corporation can live without. The second class is a professional class that works on the edges of having their jobs exported away through off-shore job exportation. The third class is the poorly to minimally educated folks that work in hourly manufacturing, industrial and service jobs. A permanent subservient class so to speak. In order for this subservient class to exist it needs a readily available pool of workers willing to subject themselves to poor working conditions and poor wages. Hence, my fellow Latin American immigrants fit the bill.

In Kentucky our mine corporations are finding ways to change regulations in order to exploit immigrants to work in mines. They are finding ways to recruit Latino immigrants to fill an alleged labor shortage of mine workers.

The present guest worker program is one way to legitimize what these coal companies are trying to do. Document folks. Then when the temporary status expires you can find them, round them up and deport them. Sounds like a raw deal to me.

Morpheous Coleon

What do yall think?? Do we hate the player or do we hate the game? I think Mexicans are doing what they gotta do to win this game of capitalism. I mean nobody is really legally a United States Citizen. The Colonies did more than cross a border they crossed an ocean and came over here illegally and took this land. On top of that they brought millions of illegal Africans over here to work this land. So you got illegals granting access or allowing other immigrants to come over here : Asians , Indians , Jamacans , Cubans , Koreans , Chinese etc etc. Everybody came here for 1 reason and one reason only : To get money and escape a predetermined class system that determines who gets money. Second or 1a they wanted religious freedom. Are not the mexicans comming over here to get money like everybody else?? Only the African slaves did not come over here to get money or expierience capitalism. The mexicans are playing the game with the cards they were dealt. Asians realized with the cards they had that they could come over and sell commodities to African Americans and cut us out of the distribution chain. Damn!!!! but it is capitalism. Arabs run the gas stations and jewerly stores and odd shops everywhere mostly in black nieghborhoods damn!!!...but it is capitalism....Jews run the banks ..Italians got in the game with alot of criminality. So Why are black people the only people who have not realized this game and are not playing it together as a group? why can't we see this for what it is. Corporations trying to get cheap labor and Mexicans trying to seize wealth.Well Black people can't see this because we are the only group in this country that did not come over here to get paid. We were brought here to work for somebody else...damn and how little has changed today...but it is capitalism. I think the Goverment is going to play the game and end up taxing the hell out of them or have some expensive process to make them legal..basically a shakedown.

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