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09 April 2006


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I find it very troubling that so many people (Blacks) jumped on the class band wagon. What does the Duke student's class have to do with anything. So what they have money. Too many blacks are so concerned about other people's money to get their own. Too many blacks fail to achieve because their judgement is so clouded.

Let me say this, I do not condone any one raping "anyone", but I find it illogical that a person is "witnessed" leaving and "witnessed" going back in. If you sense danger, common sense will tell you "SCREW THE MONEY". Your life and safety "should" be more important.

I don't know if she was raped by any of the Lacrosse Team, but they have all been raked across the hot coals for having money. Yes, some of them are bad apples, I ask how many of us have friends or relatives with bad issues. Does that make "you" a bad apple.

Another thing, is it wrong to achieve a social status to provide for your children and your children's children? I get so tired of hearing and reading blacks beat up on other folks with money - especially white folks. Blacks will kiss Oprah's behind because she gives money here and there while there are so many school not far from her studio suffering.

I, personally, don't think Oprah owes anyone - anything. If she gives, God bless her. BUT! There are so many blacks that complain about other people's money. I see it here with the Lacrosse Team. Why is it important that a Duke student's tuition is more that what some blacks earn in a year. The same thing can be said for Univ. of Michigan, UCLA, Northwestern, Tulane.... The list could go on and on.

Class envy will not solve this case - nor will inciting race wars. There are currently two men being charged for a crime that some blacks have already convicted. To make matters worse, Jesse Jackson vows to pay this women's tuition. Oh well.... I hope they get to the bottom of this, but I doubt it. Racial issues cause people to become emotional. Remember, Kobe. He will be forever remembered as a great basketball star & rapist. Remember, OJ. He will be remembered as a great football star & murderer. Even if these 2 men are innocent, they will now be remembered as rapists.

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