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26 February 2006


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Morpheous Coleon

This so called covenant with Black America or the whole entire Black State of the Union is a Shell Game.

Shell game: A fraud or deception perpetrated by shifting conspicuous things to hide something else.

These Negroes have no intention of helping the black masses of disenfranchised people unless they benefit and they will only help to a degree. This whole movement is a power grab of pseudo black unelected leaders who want to stay in unelected seats of power. So they can continue to eat at the corporate trough. This is a renewed black elitist movement, an extrapolation of the “Talented Tenth” theory by W.E.B. Dubois. These protagonist sit up on those panels and pontificate half truths and propagate black paralysis propaganda to get the peoples hopes up that "change is gonna come" ..."Trust us"..There are notable exceptions like a Cornell West but most are on somebody's payroll and are only interested in serving those hidden interest. Meanwhile they play on the conspicuous emotional triggers to get people all hype about the plight of Black America. Hidden is this self contrived hierarchal system for black America. They surmise If and when black people progress and benefit in this country then let them be the sole spokespersons, the deal makers and the distributors of any wealth that is ascertained. They want the masses to cede their voices and power over to a few “hand-picked” individuals. They are positioning themselves at every distribution channel of this network to benefit. Most of these Negroes are from the civil rights movement and/or post civil rights benefactors and use Martin Luther King as a co-signer on everything they do. How many times are we going to hear "I marched with King" and "I did this with King"? It is all social posturing. The real secrets to wealth acquisition and networking are not plainly stated in the book or any public forum because it ain't for everybody only those Tavis Smiley deems as "Black America's best and brightest". Thus we have the "Shell Game" every year on C-Span for your entertainment. We never move forward we only talk about the problems while moves are being made behind the scenes. There is no call to action, No means to track progress or any method to measure accountability. This is a Manifesto by Black elitist declaring their “God Given Right” to rule over the affairs of black America similar to the “Manifest Destiny” by Thomas Jefferson when America expanded west. The question is will we continue to play this shell game or “recall” these so-called leaders.

Edward Rhymes

Very compelling insights into the "Covenant with Black America" gathering. I watched it as well and found that too much of it was a showcase of individual Blacks and not as focused on the Black community at-large. There were far too many panelists who seemed to be impressed with sound of their own voices for my taste. However, Cornell continues to be a favorite of mine not just because of his intelligence, but because of his humility. The issues contained in the "Covenant" book do need to be raised and addressed. The strategy or strategies that will be employed to address them continues to be the real challenge. My disagreements with the process aside, I honor any group who endeavors to uplift the Black coomunity.


The Covenant with Black America seems to be something that should be tried by some. There are some things I take issue with, but I was tuned in - via the DVD set. I was too busy last weekend to view it C-SPAN. Since I enjoyed the fodder from last year's event, which I actually watched, I figured I order it and watch it later. Shocked to see that it arrived so soon, and I have watched the first DVD out of three. I didn't agree with a lot of the fodder, but I thought that some of the panelists did make some valid points. Min. Farrakhan made some points that I think can not be achieved - at least not in this country. There has been Nationalist talk for decades, but we have too many blacks in the assimulated fashion to even garner enough steam to work. Education, the Iraq War, Katrina, and several other topics got batted around. I'm getting tired of hearing that more funding needs to go into education. I'm tired of hearing about the "digital divide". It sickens me to see millions of dollars going to mindless fashions - including Sean Jean (sp) and FUBU. I think that money could go into educating our children - and possibly purchasing a computer. So many free computer classes are offered. So many blacks make endless excuses about the digital divide while watching their Plasma TV with the awesome surround sound that they bought at Best Buy. I guess the computer sale was overlooked. I think that some of the rhetoric used will fall on deaf ears and their will be another ground swell when election season rolls around, and we will be calling for record voter registration of blacks again. As for education - EDUCATION starts at home. Why are so many blacks expecting the first time little Johnny learns his alphabet "should" be in Headstart or Kindergarten and complains when the child is so far behind. The issues raised are always interesting and the panelists are always interesting. What is more interesting is that both parties (Reps & Dems) "promised" to address issues affecting blacks in the upcoming elections. I'll believe it when I see it.


One of these days - and I mean real soon - African Americans (AKA Black People) are going to realize that we are no longer in the era of gaining our Civil Rights. That being said, Black People have already come to realize that there is not one person (in the mold of Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.) who will lead our monolithic group from Point A to Point B in The Struggle. Some, no, most Black People would be hard pressed to enunciate what The Struggle even entails these days.

Black People can no longer point to disenfranchisement from the voting process. Black People can no longer point to lack of access to goods and services. Black People can no longer complain of lack of access to the Halls of Industry. So what do Black People, as a whole, have to "complain" about now?

Do all Black children enjoy access to top rate educations? If not, should Black People shoulder most (if not all) of the blame?

Do Black People have more drugs and drug addicts in their communities (per capita) than other communities? If so, should Black People shoulder most (if not all) of the blame?

Do Black People spend most of their hard earned wages in their communities? If not, should Black People shoulder most (if not all) of the blame?

I would love to read a copy of the "Covenant," but something tells me it would fall into a trash heap of unintelligible, self-gratifying drivel long before I could stomach the thought of finishing it.

I'm a Black man and I am so glad that we have a group of self-effacing individuals who think they can come down from their hotel suites (which were undoubtedly paid for by this little symposium) and announce to the world what Black People need to do to make their lives better when they know in their heart of hearts that this was just a free weekend in Houston to get away from the bitter cold in our northern climes. They don't have to worry about enacting any of these Covenants, because 99% of the Black People couldn't give a rat's ass about this insignificant skid mark on a slow news weekend.

How many actionable items came out of the weekend? How many bills will be submitted in Congress or the State Legislatures as a result of this Covenant? How many class action lawsuits will be filed as a result of this Covenant? How many new jobs were generated for the jobless as a result of this Covenant? How many drugs were removed from inner city neighborhoods as a result of this Covenant? How many Black People who didn't have it yesterday will woke up this morning with health care as a result of this Covenant?

Yeah, that's what I thought. Zero. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate this Covenant a zero!

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