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    Kappas Against AIDS is a unique initiative designed to highlight the growing rate of HIV/AIDS infections in the African-American community. Specifically, KAAIDS goal is to educate young African-Americans and their communities through workshops, lectures and proactive programs to this serious problem. By encouraging bi-annual testing, education and protection measures, KAAIDS hopes to deter the increasing number of young people of color who are becoming infected every day. DISCLAIMER: KAAIDS was created in 2002 by a group of individual members of New York Alumni Foundation, which is affiliated with New York Alumni, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. While the organizers of this initiative are members of the Fraternity, this initiative should not be considered an approved program of the National or any regional entity of the Fraternity. It is not affiliated with the Fraternity's National administration and the use of the term "Kappas" only relates to the description of the primary organizers and not the fraternity structure.


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This weblog is a collection of commentaries on social, economic and political issues. It is designed specifically as food for thought for the African-American community. However these topics are broad-ranging and designed to connect with a larger audience.